TEDxEvansStreet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing ideas worth spreading to Florence County, Florence, SC.  One can partake in three ways, be a speaker/performer, volunteer, and/or attend.


Ever think about being a TEDxEvansStreet speaker or performer. Speakers and performers talk may reach a vast audience on the web. TED will select some TEDx talks to be released online and most are viewed by at least 100,000 people, and some by several million. Indeed, in aggregate, TED Talks have been viewed more than 100 million times worldwide. This exposure has transformed the careers of many TEDx presenters and performers, either by introducing them to larger audiences or recasting them as a thought leader.

The TEDxEvansStreet event will feature approximately 18 diverse thought leaders with innovative points of view, on an array of subject areas.   The Florence planning committee will have an open call for speakers and performers, for which each is charged with speaking or performing within a specified time and will have to participate in a speaker and performer training in preparation for the event.  Those interested can visit the website to apply when submissions are open for 2019.


Attendees are immersed in an all-day experience where technology, science, art, performance, community and business intersect. Our goal is to open your mind, inspire your heart, and make you aware that even the smallest ideas and actions can have exponential impact on our community and the world.

Be inspired by thought leaders, TEDxEvansStreet will feature exciting speakers from a range of fields, happening in two sessions with connection and refreshments breaks in between. Continental breakfast, lunch, coffee/snack stations, a name badge, and post event reception are included in the ticket price.  Registration will begin at 8 AM.  The program will begin promptly at 10 AM and end at 4 PM, with post event reception immediately following.

Attendees are committed to ensuring each attendee is a broad representation of the Greater Florence County Community. Diversity is key. Come with an open mind dedicated to ideas worth sharing. A good addition to the TEDx community, you are someone who can contribute to the conversations and connections at the conference and the projects that may come of it. So that everyone can fully benefit from the experience of interacting with other attendees, we ask that you stay for the duration of the event.


TEDxEvansStreet team is built entirely on volunteers.  A volunteer is defined as a person who freely chooses to provide services to the TEDxEvansStreet without being remunerated or paid for such service in any way, and is not considered to be an employee.  If interested in becoming a volunteer, please submit your email below.   We welcome your involvement!

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